July 2017


Cover Story

Extending its reign

Sunnking, headquartered in Brockport, New York, looks to add to its processing capabilities and geographic footprint.

Depending on the variables

Optical sorters used in paper applications are becoming more prevalent in residential MRFs, but determining when to implement them is key.



Adapting for results

Tallahassee, Florida-based Marpan Recycling opened a Class III recycling facility in 2008.

Clean and green

A turnkey system from BHS, NRT and Nihot is helping Unifi Manufacturing, Inc. turn discarded PET bottles from throughout the Eastern U.S. into clean, highly marketable recycled-content PET flake.

An advanced degree in material handling

U.S. Conveyor Technologies is using advanced engineering to help recyclers and technology providers, like SGM, to optimize their material handling systems.