Scrap Metals Supplement 2017


Disruptive technology

Aqua Metals, headquartered in Alameda, California, seeks to revolutionize the lead recycling industry with its AquaRefining process.

Limits to growth

Demand for aluminum remains healthy on most fronts, but producers in many parts of the world would like to see a curtailment in Chinese production.

Swift access

Auto recyclers have been advocating for years to have access to OEM parts data, with Mike Swift of Swift’s Trails End serving as a strong voice.

No bull

China has long been the bullish when it came to copper scrap from the U.S., though that appears to have changed.

Influencing factors

A look at the factors that could influence nickel and stainless steel prices in 2017.

A solid approach

When the Ford Rouge Center achieved landfill-free status, the company began using a briquetter to more effectively handle the swarf produced at its Dearborn Engine Plant.

All eyes on the yard

The evolution of camera technology allows scrap yard operators to feel more secure about theft prevention during and after operating hours.

Innovation and reinvention

The Metallo Group operates what it calls its “furnace of innovation” to compete in the world of multimetal and polymetallic recycling and refining.

Breathing room

Chapter 11 bankruptcy can provide the breathing room a company needs to reorganize its affairs.