Eriez Revx-E eccentric eddy current separators

Eriez, headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, has updated its RevX-E to require minimal maintenance. Features of the RevX-E, which are available in the ST22 and LT2 models, include:

  • an eccentrically mounted magnetic rotor within a nonconductive shell for the separation of nonferrous metals
  • a cantilevered frame that enables maintenance staff to change the belt in less than 10 minutes
  • large access panels all around the machine
  • a new hood with an adjustable splitter that allows operators to handle nonferrous materials in varying sizes

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McCloskey International VTS95 shredder

McCloskey International, Keene, Ontario, has added shredders to its range of mobile products with its Recycling Division’s debut of the VTS95, a tracked primary shredder. The VTS95:

  • can shred virtually any type of material and is designed for plants in which the incoming materials vary greatly in terms of size, composition and difficulty to shred
  • features rotating knives mounted on dual shafts that run asynchronously in both directions to prevent bridging and maximizing shredding efficiency
  • includes an eight-knife Samurai heavy-duty cutting table
  • has multiple shredding programs
  • comes with a Caterpillar C15 403-kilowatt (540-horsepower) Stage V/Tier 4 Final engine

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Genesis Attachments GDT 590 Razer demolition tool

Genesis Attachments, Superior, Wisconsin, has announced the release of its GDT 590, which it describes as the largest Razer demolition tool in the line that features four models. The GDT 590:

  • features a lighter weight design and is optimized to fit on standard and most high-reach excavators
  • extends the minimum excavator weight to 120,000 pounds from the 45,000-, 66,000- and 90,000-pound minimum excavator weights of the GDT 190, 290 and 390, respectively
  • features a 52-inch jaw opening, 46.5-inch jaw depth and 12-foot-plus reach
  • is designed to prevent jamming
  • features a short, flat-top head with bolt-on bracket engineered to simplify installation
  • can be customized in terms of the number and location of the crushing teeth

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