March 2022


Cover Profile

Coast to coast

The half-century arc of SA Recycling has seen it grow from one small scrap yard to a coast-to-coast network of some 120 facilities.

OCC Commodity Focus

A stalled market

Transportation issues continue to clog ports and limit container availability, affecting the movement of OCC, and experts don’t know when the bottlenecks will finally dissipate.

Modern MRF Design

Mindful MRF design

Mazza Recycling’s strategic planning and careful consideration of modern equipment led to the creation of a nationally recognized MRF.

Paper Recycling Study

Gaining access

The American Forest & Paper Association recently released the results of its 2021 study, indicating the vast majority of Americans have access to paper and paperboard recycling programs or services.


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US Conveyor

Innovation from U.S.C.

Being focused on designing systems tuned to maximum metals separation and recovery, U.S.C. continues to develop innovative solutions for the industry.