October 2016


Cover Story

Apart from the crowd

Lakeshore Recycling Systems, Morton Grove, Illinois, uses technology and innovative thinking to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Commodity Focus // Paper

Slowly but steadily

Nearly all grades of recovered paper, with the exception of some high grades, steadily have increased in pricing over recent months. But September has seen some pullback.

Auto Shredding

Under pressure

For the first time in at least a decade, the number of auto shredders operating in the U.S. has dropped in response to the competitive marketplace.

Glass Recycling

An image issue

Glass recycling is capital intensive and volume driven, yet with consistent cleaning, cullet could contribute to a MRF’s bottom line.

Wire Chopping

A-plus chopping line

Electrical equipment decommissioning firm A-Line, Waterloo, Iowa, turned to Eldan for an upgrade of its wire and cable processing system.

Operations Focus

New frontiers

Advances in sensor-based sorting technology have allowed the automated sorting of black plastics by resin type, though the technology might remain out of reach for most recyclers.


Special Insert